Monday, 10 July 2017

June Lookover - Part Two

24th June - Well what can I say, it was a very interesting Friday, and it definitely didn't go to plan. It was Little Miss P's sports day and as I do every year I go and watch it even though I don't actually enjoy it, as it is just a lot of throwing balls around and that's pretty much it. I just go to support her. But this sports day was completely different. One of Little Miss P's good friends fainted and I was there to calm her down and be with her and she ended up going off to hospital. So I pretty much missed the whole of Summer's sports day. But then I asked if I could watch the bit in the afternoon as I missed the first bit and I was told yes. So I thought great I can go and watch it and support her in the afternoon when most parents aren't allowed. But as I work at the school it was okay. And then the more interesting thing happened, in the first race she decided to fall over backwards and really hurt her hand. We ended up going to the emergency room and it turns out Little Miss P has fractured her wrist. She is now lying in bed with her cast on feeling very sorry for herself and is in a bit of pain. 
 Today I've just been making sure that she is comfortable and topping her up with Calpol and Ibuprofen and both of them together make her very sleepy. I'm feeling pretty tired myself as I was
up every few hours last night making sure she was okay. But I'm happy to say she did sleep through the whole night without any complaints.

30th June - Today is the last day of June, yesterday at Little Miss P had den building at school and I think she used her hand more than she should've. She was complaining when she woke up and when she got home yesterday her fractured wrist was really hurting her so I gave her some Calpol and sent her off to school and I'll ask her later if she needs any more. She now has a lovely pink cast as we had to go for her check up on Wednesday, we have to go back for another check up next Wednesday just to make sure it's healing properly and that the bones are strengthening up in the right place. That's what it sounded like when the Doctor was talking to us about it. 
 On a good note we only have three weeks left of school, which I can't wait for as we then have the six weeks holiday. But I'm slightly nervous that I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to be doing with Little Miss P, as she would've just had her cast off and we still need to be careful with her wrist so can't do lots of energised activities.

Mrs P

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