Monday, 9 October 2017

Back to School

It has been a month since Little Miss P has been back to school and I think I can now finally say that we are back into a proper routine. Maybe not the routine that I plan to have. But it is a routine.
Little Miss P has gone back to school on form, and I mean that in a way that she has gone back to school and kicked it in the bum. She is doing so well with her reading, and brilliantly in her maths. I couldn't ask for any better. She's happy that she's got the same teacher again but instead of being Miss Hobart she is now Mrs Finley and is at least four months' pregnant. I'm guessing that by Christmas she will be going on maternity leave and Little Miss P will probably be getting a supply teacher for the rest of the year. Let's see how that will go as it does take Little Miss P a while to see if she likes the teacher or not. 

Some of Little Miss P's friends aren't always being that nice at the moment, so I've said to her go and find someone else to play with. And when one of them comes running back to you because they are in an argument tell them to go away and that you're not sorting it out. As she seems to be the one that was solving the arguments. I think she's being brave at school and actually standing up for herself now, which is a good thing. I just hate the thought of people walking all over her.

That's all I've got on the school update at the moment, I will do another one after Christmas.

Here is a little video of Little Miss P's top five Disney things, I hope you enjoy it.

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