Thursday, 30 November 2017

Disney Planning - 8 months to go

Yes we have eight months until the Disney holiday. Every time it gets that little bit closer I get that little bit more excited... I have started to buy a few bits of clothing for our trip, which makes me even more excited.

 I think as I said before we are staying in Orlando two days before we actually stay in the hotel,  we have booked our other hotel last night. So for the first two nights in Orlando we are going to be staying in the Hampton Inn and Suites Orlando Airport at Gateway Village. Last time we went to Orlando and we stayed in this Hotel but really only go to sleep there as the plane was delayed quite a few hours on the way there. So this time we are going to enjoy this hotel as it is a lovely room as well as being humongous. Also the hotel has a swimming pool, which Little Miss P will be happy about.

The next thing to do this weekend is to do our ESTAs to be able to get into America. They are really easy to do and it doesn't take too long, normally within 48 hours we'll be told if we can get in or not.

Mrs P

Top five Disney Films by Little Miss P

Monday, 27 November 2017

November Lookover Part 1 27/11/17

17th - I'm not really sure where the first half of November has gone, it has flown by. Even though it's flown by I haven't really done much, well it feels like I haven't. I have been doing the little jobs that needed to get done but I've put off, so that's always good. I've even done some Christmas shopping, wrapped them up and put them into different families' piles. All of one of the family piles are my side and the other pile is for the hubby's side of the family, even though I'm not entirely sure when we will be seeing the hubby's side of the family. At the moment it feels like will be seeing them at Easter, so might stop on that side of the family's presents and wait until the January sales to buy the rest.
Little Miss P is doing well at school even though her teacher hasn't been in for the past week, and she has been having lots of different teachers in the school or a supply teacher. I do really need to work with Little Miss P on her English with her and just get her up a bit, as I think she's below where she needs to be. But in maths and science she is doing brilliantly. I think we have parents evening in about two weeks so I'll definitely see where she's at then.

21st - I have started to get things sorted for 2018, I kind of want to get a head start on it all. I'm mainly trying to get a head start on my blog and I'm also trying to get a head start on YouTube. I haven't got anywhere yet with it but I'm writing ideas down so that's a good start I suppose, 
Also I did something that I haven't booked in for ages, I have booked in for a half leg wax. I haven't done that since my daughter was born so just thought it's about time I did this again. It helps that a new beauty place has opened up down the road so I can easily go down there after work, and before I pick her up from school. So that's worked perfectly.

Mrs P

Thursday, 23 November 2017

New Trainers

The other week we went shopping to Lakeside Retail P
ark. Only the outside section as Little Miss P was due to have a new pair of shoes, not any type of shoes, party shoes specifically. But we could not find any, well find any that she actually liked. But while we were shopping I found a lovely pair of trainers for me, I wasn't really looking for trainers, I wasn't even looking for anything for me, but I have started running now and my Primark trainers kind of look worse for wear. So I would have needed to buy a new pair soon anyway.

My new trainers are nice bright and pink and most of all really comfortable. They are even a brand, which makes me laugh a bit; they are Puma, which just reminds me of when I was younger and always wanting the designer things. Now I'm older I actually don't care about it.

I've only been running in them a few times and at the moment they are very comfortable. As they are not from Primark I hope they will last longer too.

Mrs P

Back from Holiday little vlog

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Christmas Adverts - M&S & Asda

Yes, it's that time of year again where the Christmas adverts are back, and the first two I'm going to be talking about are the Marks & Spencer one and Asda's.

 I didn't really have any emotions from Marks and Spencer's one. I think it's little bit of a copout using Paddington Bear. The bear is sweet and we do like watching Paddington as a family, and when the film is at the cinema we will probably go and see it, but the advert didn't do anything for me. I'm guessing it was a lot cheaper for them to make as they would've got money from the film company as advertising.

Now the Asda one I actually really like, perhaps because I've got a child; I just like the way they have done it and you can obviously see what they are selling. The children and their grandad is a great mix as well. I like it when they go in the slide and come out with Christmas jumpers on, also when they are on the train going through the tunnel and they come back out in new pyjamas. It is actually just a fun advert, I'm not too much into the soppy, sad ones. This is just bright, colourful and fun as well as being quite simple.  It's a nice, easy story to follow.

Mrs P

Monday, 13 November 2017

Amazon Prime - Video

We have the joy of Amazon Prime, we got it due to the fact that we needed something the next day and the price of it was really good at the time and in getting Amazon Prime you get Amazon video too, where you can watch some TV shows and some films, and I am loving it. 

One of my favourite programmes is Lucifer, which is all about the devil leaving hell and going to live in LA. It was just a fantastic programme to watch and you don't really need to concentrate on it. The person who plays Lucifer is absolutely brilliant at it, and he's easy on the eye too.

Another show is called Start-up. I first started watching this programme due to the fact it has Adam Brody and I remember him from watching the OC. I'm glad I started watching this series as it's actually a really good show, it's about people starting up a company that are using dodgy money and the Russian Mafia are involved somewhere along the line.

As I said it also has films like Magic Mick for me to watch, to a film called Limitless with Bradley Cooper in it that me and the other half can watch one evening with popcorn or cheese and crackers, to lots of different children's films from the Lorax to Bellarina, which Little Miss P is really into.

I think next year at some point we will have to renew it. We will see if we will or not if it comes back to us at a good price then I think we will be.


Mrs P

Here is a little video about 5 Disney things, I hope you enjoy it

Thursday, 9 November 2017

October Lookover

9th - Well work has been a bit slow going, but it's only 1hour and 45mins a day so I think I can get over that. Little Miss P had her Dance competition on Sunday and she did well, they got 2nd for both (she was in two group dances). I don't really like dance competitions, I just don't want her feeling sad or upset if she mucks up or the feeling of letting her team down. I just want her to have fun and I think that she really likes the bit of getting ready and dressed up.

16th - Yes, Little Miss P and I only have one more week at school and at work then we are off on a family holiday to Kessingland for a few days, where I don't have any internet so all I can do is read, write and other things. Little Miss P kind of annoyed me last night, the hubby cooked a lovely stew the same way as we always do and Little Miss P didn't really touch it. She said she didn't like it. And she left her room in a right state. And had a bit of attitude. I think this shows she's growing up.

30th - Yep it's nearly the end of October, and a few days ago we got back from our lovely little holiday to Kessingland. We also went to Legoland for a day and a half and we also saw the Lorax at the Old Vic Theatre in London. It was a beautiful theatre and it's only 30 minutes away on the train for us. It was a very busy week off school, I think we fitted in everything that we wanted to do, that's why on Sunday afternoon when I finally let my body relax a bit, I got an earache and went all cold, now on Monday I have a cold, headache and nose running. I don't mind really as long as I just get through the days of having a cold I'll be fine. At least I've got it now and out the way. I don't fancy having a cold the first week of December as I'm out pretty much all week. For the rest of October it's back to the normal routine of school run and work. 

Mrs P

Little Video of Little Miss P's week in Kessingland