Monday, 13 November 2017

Amazon Prime - Video

We have the joy of Amazon Prime, we got it due to the fact that we needed something the next day and the price of it was really good at the time and in getting Amazon Prime you get Amazon video too, where you can watch some TV shows and some films, and I am loving it. 

One of my favourite programmes is Lucifer, which is all about the devil leaving hell and going to live in LA. It was just a fantastic programme to watch and you don't really need to concentrate on it. The person who plays Lucifer is absolutely brilliant at it, and he's easy on the eye too.

Another show is called Start-up. I first started watching this programme due to the fact it has Adam Brody and I remember him from watching the OC. I'm glad I started watching this series as it's actually a really good show, it's about people starting up a company that are using dodgy money and the Russian Mafia are involved somewhere along the line.

As I said it also has films like Magic Mick for me to watch, to a film called Limitless with Bradley Cooper in it that me and the other half can watch one evening with popcorn or cheese and crackers, to lots of different children's films from the Lorax to Bellarina, which Little Miss P is really into.

I think next year at some point we will have to renew it. We will see if we will or not if it comes back to us at a good price then I think we will be.


Mrs P

Here is a little video about 5 Disney things, I hope you enjoy it

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