Thursday, 16 November 2017

Christmas Adverts - M&S & Asda

Yes, it's that time of year again where the Christmas adverts are back, and the first two I'm going to be talking about are the Marks & Spencer one and Asda's.

 I didn't really have any emotions from Marks and Spencer's one. I think it's little bit of a copout using Paddington Bear. The bear is sweet and we do like watching Paddington as a family, and when the film is at the cinema we will probably go and see it, but the advert didn't do anything for me. I'm guessing it was a lot cheaper for them to make as they would've got money from the film company as advertising.

Now the Asda one I actually really like, perhaps because I've got a child; I just like the way they have done it and you can obviously see what they are selling. The children and their grandad is a great mix as well. I like it when they go in the slide and come out with Christmas jumpers on, also when they are on the train going through the tunnel and they come back out in new pyjamas. It is actually just a fun advert, I'm not too much into the soppy, sad ones. This is just bright, colourful and fun as well as being quite simple.  It's a nice, easy story to follow.

Mrs P

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