Thursday, 30 November 2017

Disney Planning - 8 months to go

Yes we have eight months until the Disney holiday. Every time it gets that little bit closer I get that little bit more excited... I have started to buy a few bits of clothing for our trip, which makes me even more excited.

 I think as I said before we are staying in Orlando two days before we actually stay in the hotel,  we have booked our other hotel last night. So for the first two nights in Orlando we are going to be staying in the Hampton Inn and Suites Orlando Airport at Gateway Village. Last time we went to Orlando and we stayed in this Hotel but really only go to sleep there as the plane was delayed quite a few hours on the way there. So this time we are going to enjoy this hotel as it is a lovely room as well as being humongous. Also the hotel has a swimming pool, which Little Miss P will be happy about.

The next thing to do this weekend is to do our ESTAs to be able to get into America. They are really easy to do and it doesn't take too long, normally within 48 hours we'll be told if we can get in or not.

Mrs P

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