Thursday, 23 November 2017

New Trainers

The other week we went shopping to Lakeside Retail P
ark. Only the outside section as Little Miss P was due to have a new pair of shoes, not any type of shoes, party shoes specifically. But we could not find any, well find any that she actually liked. But while we were shopping I found a lovely pair of trainers for me, I wasn't really looking for trainers, I wasn't even looking for anything for me, but I have started running now and my Primark trainers kind of look worse for wear. So I would have needed to buy a new pair soon anyway.

My new trainers are nice bright and pink and most of all really comfortable. They are even a brand, which makes me laugh a bit; they are Puma, which just reminds me of when I was younger and always wanting the designer things. Now I'm older I actually don't care about it.

I've only been running in them a few times and at the moment they are very comfortable. As they are not from Primark I hope they will last longer too.

Mrs P

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