Monday, 27 November 2017

November Lookover Part 1 27/11/17

17th - I'm not really sure where the first half of November has gone, it has flown by. Even though it's flown by I haven't really done much, well it feels like I haven't. I have been doing the little jobs that needed to get done but I've put off, so that's always good. I've even done some Christmas shopping, wrapped them up and put them into different families' piles. All of one of the family piles are my side and the other pile is for the hubby's side of the family, even though I'm not entirely sure when we will be seeing the hubby's side of the family. At the moment it feels like will be seeing them at Easter, so might stop on that side of the family's presents and wait until the January sales to buy the rest.
Little Miss P is doing well at school even though her teacher hasn't been in for the past week, and she has been having lots of different teachers in the school or a supply teacher. I do really need to work with Little Miss P on her English with her and just get her up a bit, as I think she's below where she needs to be. But in maths and science she is doing brilliantly. I think we have parents evening in about two weeks so I'll definitely see where she's at then.

21st - I have started to get things sorted for 2018, I kind of want to get a head start on it all. I'm mainly trying to get a head start on my blog and I'm also trying to get a head start on YouTube. I haven't got anywhere yet with it but I'm writing ideas down so that's a good start I suppose, 
Also I did something that I haven't booked in for ages, I have booked in for a half leg wax. I haven't done that since my daughter was born so just thought it's about time I did this again. It helps that a new beauty place has opened up down the road so I can easily go down there after work, and before I pick her up from school. So that's worked perfectly.

Mrs P

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