Monday, 29 January 2018

Book Review - Nice work (If You Can Get It)

This is a lovely book from Celia Imrie, I am not sure if I have read any of her books before. And I have to say I am enjoying it. It is just a little bit slow going for me, I like to get straight into a story, finding out all the ins and outs of it. And this does get more interesting towards the end of the book. It does have a good story and is based on a group of friends. The group of friends have different storylines based near Monte Carlo and Cannes, in a little place called Bellevue-sue-mer, The group of friends decide to open a restaurant, but it's not all as it seems as someone clearly doesn't want them to open the restaurant.
The friends are called Sally, Theresa, Zoe, William and Benjamin.

Meanwhile in Cannes it's the Cannes film festival where lots of the rich and famous go to party and where Sally meets a very wealthy person. She thinks it's all going great when he asked her to marry him, but he's not as he seems and they get arrested.

I don't really want to say much more due to the fact that I will probably be giving away the whole storyline, but I did enjoy this book once it got going. I need to pick up more of Celia Imrie's books.

Mrs P

Thursday, 25 January 2018

December Lookover Part 2

22nd - Not long until Christmas now, Little Miss P has been off school since last Friday and we have been doing lots of stuff. Nothing that's that important, I've been mainly going to see our friends and  neighbours and today is the first day we are staying at home in our PJs, which has been lovely. Little Miss P has done her first YouTube video of 2018. She seems very determined this year with it and has written up a list of videos she wants to do. She has put the dates they should go live next to them, it's actually really sweet.
  One thing I have done this year with little Miss P that I would like to do every year is to go round the old people's homes and give them some boxes, with little treats in. It's mainly aimed at the people that don't have family around them. One of my friends set this up, she did a great job with it. It was really sweet because she even sang a little song to them with some of her dancing friends, to the old ladies and men, and I think they really appreciate it. And it was nice that Little Miss P saw a different side to the world too.

26th - Today is Boxing Day here in the UK and today is our Christmas Day as a family as yesterday the other half was really sick and we didn't end up having Christmas dinner. We did end up opening our gifts but today he is feeling much better and we are having our lovely Christmas dinner today, and watching a few films.

Mrs P

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Disney Planning - 7 mths to go

Yep, seven months and counting until our Disney holiday. I am super excited and really can't wait. We filled out our Estas and I'm glad to say that all three of us are allowed into the USA. There wouldn't be any reason why we couldn't but there's always that little bit in the back of your mind thinking will they let me in for some strange reason.

 We have also started booking our meals, so far I've only booked two, we are having breakfast in Belle's Castle, which is pretty much for me as I love Beauty and the Beast, and I really want to try the grey stuff as it is supposedly delicious. I have also booked a dinner at Café Mickey, I want to go to this one because the monorail goes through the hotel where Café Mickey is. That will be a pretty cool experience for the family. I am also looking at Spirit of Aloha, kind of a dinner show with fire eaters and it's at the Polynesian Hotel, it just looks really fun. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to book it or not. 

There's nothing else to really say about the trip now. Little Miss P has a few clothes already that she's not going to wear until Disney as they are spring clothes and we are in winter, they are already in the suitcase. 

I'm so excited about this trip and I know I am very lucky to be able to take my family on this trip. I'll come back to you with a five months and counting blog post soon.

Mrs P

Monday, 15 January 2018

December Lookover Part One

2nd - It was my work party on the 1st, we went to Woolston Manor not far from where we live so it's a nice and easy location to get to. I work as a Midday and we went with everyone in the school, so the teachers and office staff etc. It was an okay night, the food was actually really nice but I didn't really feel like dancing as the teachers aren't really my friends, and I didn't really feel that comfortable, but it was ok and I loved the new dress I bought for it.

7th - On the 3rd I went out with my school mum friends, we decided to spend the day in London. We ate at Planet Hollywood and the food was absolutely lovely. We also decided to go into Winter Wonderland for the evening. We even had a half an hour slot at the ice bar. It's actually really good and not as cold as I thought it would be. With the price you pay to get in you also get a little drink in an ice glass. It was a enough for me while I was there. We also went on a rollercoaster ride that was hilarious as some of the mums don't like rollercoasters but they still went on it. Good for them, they were right team players.

12th - Well we have got snow this year. We had one day of it snowing and it was most of the day, it was pretty fantastic actually and it worked even better as that was the weekend we went to Center Parcs Winter Wonderland, so it made it even more magical with it snowing. I had a fun time in Centre Parcs and decided not to do a massive blog post on this year and I decided to give myself a slight break writing blog posts in December other than this one. Outside now it's not as beautiful as it has been, all the lovely squishy snow has turned into really thin horrible ice, which I have nearly fallen over twice. Still got to get myself to work, etc. so let's just hope I don't fall over today. If I do I just have to laugh it off.

Mrs P

Thursday, 11 January 2018

January Goals

I did this sort of blog post when I first started my blog to keep track of my goals and other things. If I am the only one that reads this I don't mind as it keeps me accountable for what I am doing, and if it inspires other people to aim for their goals that's even better.

Well let's get on with my January ones... if you want to know what my goals are for the whole year check out this blog post here. I will have each goal put up, and underneath some of them I will have little things that I've already done or a list of what I need to do for that goal. 

- To have at least two blog posts up a week 
- Already have five ready and Scheduled
- To have one YouTube videos up a week
- To sell at least 15 things on eBay
- Sort out more thing to sells
- To have the first 15 things on my Etsy shop to go live on the 1st February:
    -  Work out what to sell
    -  Get them made ready for photos 
    -  Have all items on etsy with good descriptions
    - Start Instagram account ready for it (have already got name for it)
- To start to read a book

I hope I get all things done, if not I hope I get most of them done. I don't know if I've given myself too many things to do for the first month. January for me is quiet though. If you want to know how I've done in January I will be doing a January goal look over and my February goals together, so keep an eye out for that.

Mrs P

Here is little lady's YouTube video

Monday, 8 January 2018

2018 Plan

Where do I start for 2018

The List

I have a list of things that I want to do and I have pick four things that I think might be achievable

1 - Give blood. My mum and my sister both already do this and I really want to do this myself, although it does freak me out for a little bit.
2 - Take my daughter to see Father Christmas in Lapland. I've got some brochures already to take a look at prices.
3 - Finish my Wedding Album. I finally got the disk with all the photos on it, I just need to go through the thousands of photos on it and pick the ones that are for my album. It's a very simple job but this will take a lot of time.
4 - Read more. I don't mind reading but it takes me ages to read a book, for many reasons but I would like to read at least 5 books in one year and not one thoughout the whole year. And I think it will be good for Little Miss P to see me reading more too.

Saving / Paying Off
Not much for this one other than to save money and take my daughter to Lapland.
To keep paying off more of the mortgage if we can. 

1 - Be able to make the same amount of money from other things as I do as a Midday Play Leader so that I'll be able to leave the midday job.  
2 - Step out of my comfort zone, I am definitely in my comfort zone most of the time at the moment. 

At this moment in time I don't really have anything else in mind. I think this is a great start for now and when I complete it will be great. I can always add things throughout the year.

Mrs P

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Bye 2017, Hello 2018

Bye-bye 2017 you have been a good year, nothing major has happened, but it's been a good year. We have had some lovely little holidays. We have been to the Isle of Wight, Scotland, Kessingland and LegoLand.  And all of our little holidays have been fantastic.
Also we've seen quite a few theatre shows, we saw Wind in the Willows and The Lorax as a family and Little Miss P and I saw Aladdin with her school for a school trip. Also we went to Bramham Horse Trials... that was a lovely day out.

As a family we have been great, Little Miss P has done well in school, Mr P is still in his job and so am I. And we still have our house and we still have our family and friends around us.

So I can say bye to 2017 and hello to a new year and maybe new changes. There might not be a lot of changes in 2018 but things will be moving along as we start sorting out Little Miss P's high school, and I can feel a few more changes coming along. Just not too sure what they are yet.

Mrs P

Here is little lady youtube video please take a look.

Monday, 1 January 2018

2017 Lookover

At the beginning of 2017 I put on this blog of things that I want to do in 2017, so I dedicate this little blog post to seeing if I've done any of it. I want to look back at that blog post so I'll leave the link here.  

Starting with the ones I did actually achieve, I carried on with my little midday play leader job. And I've carried on doing this blog (didn't do a blog post every week) and I carried on doing YouTube too (but didn't do one of them every week either). I have carried on doing eBay and I'm really loving it, and doing quite well at it. We have doing Matched Betting and have been doing that really well. The husband has been doing really well on it. I didn't save about £4000 but I did save about £2000 for the Disney holiday, which we will be taking in 2018. We have been paying extra off our mortgage throughout the year.

Now the things that I didn't achieve... The first one was work on the little shop/online shop of my own, this is still a dream of mine and I will still slowly work towards this. Get 200 on this little blog, so 129 but people reading this blog it has gone up a lot. I'm not too bothered about how many actually follow it now. The other one was to get 200 on my YouTube and I haven't done that one either. I have put the occasional video on the YouTube channel, but haven't really stayed up-to-date with it. Have got up to 116. I might just carry on this little challenge next year.

From my little list that I've done I think I did pretty well. I didn't complete all of them but I have to say I probably did about half of them. It's nice being able to look over what I have done and being able to continue with these in years to come.

Mrs P