Monday, 8 January 2018

2018 Plan

Where do I start for 2018

The List

I have a list of things that I want to do and I have pick four things that I think might be achievable

1 - Give blood. My mum and my sister both already do this and I really want to do this myself, although it does freak me out for a little bit.
2 - Take my daughter to see Father Christmas in Lapland. I've got some brochures already to take a look at prices.
3 - Finish my Wedding Album. I finally got the disk with all the photos on it, I just need to go through the thousands of photos on it and pick the ones that are for my album. It's a very simple job but this will take a lot of time.
4 - Read more. I don't mind reading but it takes me ages to read a book, for many reasons but I would like to read at least 5 books in one year and not one thoughout the whole year. And I think it will be good for Little Miss P to see me reading more too.

Saving / Paying Off
Not much for this one other than to save money and take my daughter to Lapland.
To keep paying off more of the mortgage if we can. 

1 - Be able to make the same amount of money from other things as I do as a Midday Play Leader so that I'll be able to leave the midday job.  
2 - Step out of my comfort zone, I am definitely in my comfort zone most of the time at the moment. 

At this moment in time I don't really have anything else in mind. I think this is a great start for now and when I complete it will be great. I can always add things throughout the year.

Mrs P

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