Thursday, 25 January 2018

December Lookover Part 2

22nd - Not long until Christmas now, Little Miss P has been off school since last Friday and we have been doing lots of stuff. Nothing that's that important, I've been mainly going to see our friends and  neighbours and today is the first day we are staying at home in our PJs, which has been lovely. Little Miss P has done her first YouTube video of 2018. She seems very determined this year with it and has written up a list of videos she wants to do. She has put the dates they should go live next to them, it's actually really sweet.
  One thing I have done this year with little Miss P that I would like to do every year is to go round the old people's homes and give them some boxes, with little treats in. It's mainly aimed at the people that don't have family around them. One of my friends set this up, she did a great job with it. It was really sweet because she even sang a little song to them with some of her dancing friends, to the old ladies and men, and I think they really appreciate it. And it was nice that Little Miss P saw a different side to the world too.

26th - Today is Boxing Day here in the UK and today is our Christmas Day as a family as yesterday the other half was really sick and we didn't end up having Christmas dinner. We did end up opening our gifts but today he is feeling much better and we are having our lovely Christmas dinner today, and watching a few films.

Mrs P

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