Monday, 15 January 2018

December Lookover Part One

2nd - It was my work party on the 1st, we went to Woolston Manor not far from where we live so it's a nice and easy location to get to. I work as a Midday and we went with everyone in the school, so the teachers and office staff etc. It was an okay night, the food was actually really nice but I didn't really feel like dancing as the teachers aren't really my friends, and I didn't really feel that comfortable, but it was ok and I loved the new dress I bought for it.

7th - On the 3rd I went out with my school mum friends, we decided to spend the day in London. We ate at Planet Hollywood and the food was absolutely lovely. We also decided to go into Winter Wonderland for the evening. We even had a half an hour slot at the ice bar. It's actually really good and not as cold as I thought it would be. With the price you pay to get in you also get a little drink in an ice glass. It was a enough for me while I was there. We also went on a rollercoaster ride that was hilarious as some of the mums don't like rollercoasters but they still went on it. Good for them, they were right team players.

12th - Well we have got snow this year. We had one day of it snowing and it was most of the day, it was pretty fantastic actually and it worked even better as that was the weekend we went to Center Parcs Winter Wonderland, so it made it even more magical with it snowing. I had a fun time in Centre Parcs and decided not to do a massive blog post on this year and I decided to give myself a slight break writing blog posts in December other than this one. Outside now it's not as beautiful as it has been, all the lovely squishy snow has turned into really thin horrible ice, which I have nearly fallen over twice. Still got to get myself to work, etc. so let's just hope I don't fall over today. If I do I just have to laugh it off.

Mrs P

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