Thursday, 11 January 2018

January Goals

I did this sort of blog post when I first started my blog to keep track of my goals and other things. If I am the only one that reads this I don't mind as it keeps me accountable for what I am doing, and if it inspires other people to aim for their goals that's even better.

Well let's get on with my January ones... if you want to know what my goals are for the whole year check out this blog post here. I will have each goal put up, and underneath some of them I will have little things that I've already done or a list of what I need to do for that goal. 

- To have at least two blog posts up a week 
- Already have five ready and Scheduled
- To have one YouTube videos up a week
- To sell at least 15 things on eBay
- Sort out more thing to sells
- To have the first 15 things on my Etsy shop to go live on the 1st February:
    -  Work out what to sell
    -  Get them made ready for photos 
    -  Have all items on etsy with good descriptions
    - Start Instagram account ready for it (have already got name for it)
- To start to read a book

I hope I get all things done, if not I hope I get most of them done. I don't know if I've given myself too many things to do for the first month. January for me is quiet though. If you want to know how I've done in January I will be doing a January goal look over and my February goals together, so keep an eye out for that.

Mrs P

Here is little lady's YouTube video

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