Monday, 30 April 2018

I lost it for a bit

So over the month of February and March I think I've lost the idea of doing the blogs and YouTube, even though at the beginning of the year I said I'm going to do it every single week and I just haven't. I don't know why, I just seem to have lost the enthusiasm of doing it. But now I've had a great week away with my family in Disney World Orlando and I am back to feeling energised and motivated to do it! So although I failed the first three months of the year I'm back. I'm planning not to work my arse off on this though, I actually just do this for pleasure and I have missed doing it.

    It was nice taking those two months off, as you can see from the last week I've just uploaded some January ones that I did and just didn't upload. 

  I have a few plans for my blog which I am pretty excited about, but most of the plans won't be done till next year now. 

I will be posting similar contents, I'm also hoping to be posting more Disney things as I'm a big Disney fan. Also day-to-day life and everything else in between. My aim is to still put to blog post up a week, but there will definitely be one a week and that will always be a Thursday. 

  Let's see if can now continue the rest of this year how I plan to.

Mrs P

Little ones PJS Fashion lookbook

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Disney Holiday Shopping

Yes we are going to Disney World this year and I have already started shopping, mainly because every time I go in to Primark there are some lovely new Disney things in there. Some really nice Disney things for me and even some lovely things for Little Miss P.  
It's kind of funny now as Little Miss P has size 3 feet so they obviously do the same shoes for me and her, I think we will be wearing the same shoes when we are away. She is actually really looking forward to wearing the same as me, I think it's going to be really cute. 
I like the clothes I have been buying, and little toiletries as well, most the stuff I buy from Boots, they have a brilliant range of toiletries and I love the little Aussie hair collection they have. It's just so cute in miniature.
Everything I've been buying in Primark even my Disney bags, I have one that's black with Minnie Mouse in kind of a Mardi Gras face. And Little Miss P has a little black bag with just the Mickey is on, this bag is smaller than my bag. I don't think shall be using this most days, normally it's me with all the things in the bag (just call me a donkey). Ee-or. Hehe.

The cutest outfit for Little Miss P that I've got is a white pair of shorts, that will go with a white Mickey Mouse t-shirt that I got her, or a lovely grey kind of sports effect one. I'm just not a hundred percent sure if I like her wearing white shorts in Disney - I can see them getting very dirty very easily. No I'm not saying that kind of outfit for a nice meal one evening.

Mrs P

Also remember I have a YouTube channel... it would be great if you can go and check it out

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Did I do January goals

 Well did I do my January Goals?

I have missed one day on my blog and that was Monday 22nd, it's ok though I don't mind missing it once in a while.

I have sold more than 21 things on eBay, which I am happy about. Might need to set my target higher in February.

With YouTube it's going well, I have missed a week on YouTube but only one so again I don't mind.

I have a box of things ready to take photos of and to put on sale with eBay. It's just finding the time to do it with good light, which is hard at the moment as it's always dark and not nice weather.

With the Etsy shop I have worked out what would likely sell and I have started to make the things for it and I have so many other ideas which I would like to have on it but I am just going to take it easy. I have got the Instagram name for it and some photos are up already (@summerminniegifts). It would be great if you can go and check it out.
I have started reading a book called The Confusion of Karen Carpenter by Jonathan Harvey. I've only done one chapter, but so far so good.

- To have at least two blog posts up a week 
     -Already have five ready and scheduled
- I have missed one day of blog posts
- To have one YouTube video up a week 
- To sell at least 15 things on eBay
- Sort out more things to sell
- To have the first 15 things on my Etsy shop to go live on the 1st February 
    -  Work out what to sell
    -  Get them made ready for photos 
    -  Have all items on Etsy with good descriptions
- Start Instagram account ready for it (have already got name for it)
- To start to read a book

I think for January I did a good job. I could have worked more and I need to learn from that, but other thing I did pretty well.

Mrs P

Thursday, 5 April 2018

January Lookover

So I know I have been a bad blogger, I have just seemed to lose touch with it but I am now back and ready to go and just playing catch up for a bit. So here we go.

9th - We are well and truly into the new year, Mr P is back at work, Little Miss P is back at school and I am now back at work. So far the year is going well, I've set myself up a few challenges and I always do myself a monthly challenge to get to bigger goals. So at the moment that is keeping me motivated, but today is a bit different as I have seem to have woken up with a headache. Planning to do a few other things this morning but I decided with my headache just to start this bit of the post. 
We have decided to buy a smoothie maker and last night we got it and tried it out. And this smoothie actually tasted quite nice, it's just more of a way of trying to get some more fruit inside of us as we are not a very healthy family (we like our chocolate). The first one I made for Little Miss P and it was a mango and strawberry smoothie with a bit of coconut and almond milk in it, it's very nice and I would recommend it.

31st - For some reason I haven't really been up for writing on my blog, I don't know why. So we are still on the smoothies, I have one at least one a week. I  think it's doing some good to me. Well I can definitely say I am having more fruit and so is Little Miss P and Mr P. Not much else has happened in January other than getting back into the routine. Let's bring on February.

Mrs P

Here is Little Lady's 'What's in my Travel Bag' video