Thursday, 12 April 2018

Did I do January goals

 Well did I do my January Goals?

I have missed one day on my blog and that was Monday 22nd, it's ok though I don't mind missing it once in a while.

I have sold more than 21 things on eBay, which I am happy about. Might need to set my target higher in February.

With YouTube it's going well, I have missed a week on YouTube but only one so again I don't mind.

I have a box of things ready to take photos of and to put on sale with eBay. It's just finding the time to do it with good light, which is hard at the moment as it's always dark and not nice weather.

With the Etsy shop I have worked out what would likely sell and I have started to make the things for it and I have so many other ideas which I would like to have on it but I am just going to take it easy. I have got the Instagram name for it and some photos are up already (@summerminniegifts). It would be great if you can go and check it out.
I have started reading a book called The Confusion of Karen Carpenter by Jonathan Harvey. I've only done one chapter, but so far so good.

- To have at least two blog posts up a week 
     -Already have five ready and scheduled
- I have missed one day of blog posts
- To have one YouTube video up a week 
- To sell at least 15 things on eBay
- Sort out more things to sell
- To have the first 15 things on my Etsy shop to go live on the 1st February 
    -  Work out what to sell
    -  Get them made ready for photos 
    -  Have all items on Etsy with good descriptions
- Start Instagram account ready for it (have already got name for it)
- To start to read a book

I think for January I did a good job. I could have worked more and I need to learn from that, but other thing I did pretty well.

Mrs P

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