Thursday, 26 April 2018

Disney Holiday Shopping

Yes we are going to Disney World this year and I have already started shopping, mainly because every time I go in to Primark there are some lovely new Disney things in there. Some really nice Disney things for me and even some lovely things for Little Miss P.  
It's kind of funny now as Little Miss P has size 3 feet so they obviously do the same shoes for me and her, I think we will be wearing the same shoes when we are away. She is actually really looking forward to wearing the same as me, I think it's going to be really cute. 
I like the clothes I have been buying, and little toiletries as well, most the stuff I buy from Boots, they have a brilliant range of toiletries and I love the little Aussie hair collection they have. It's just so cute in miniature.
Everything I've been buying in Primark even my Disney bags, I have one that's black with Minnie Mouse in kind of a Mardi Gras face. And Little Miss P has a little black bag with just the Mickey is on, this bag is smaller than my bag. I don't think shall be using this most days, normally it's me with all the things in the bag (just call me a donkey). Ee-or. Hehe.

The cutest outfit for Little Miss P that I've got is a white pair of shorts, that will go with a white Mickey Mouse t-shirt that I got her, or a lovely grey kind of sports effect one. I'm just not a hundred percent sure if I like her wearing white shorts in Disney - I can see them getting very dirty very easily. No I'm not saying that kind of outfit for a nice meal one evening.

Mrs P

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