Thursday, 5 April 2018

January Lookover

So I know I have been a bad blogger, I have just seemed to lose touch with it but I am now back and ready to go and just playing catch up for a bit. So here we go.

9th - We are well and truly into the new year, Mr P is back at work, Little Miss P is back at school and I am now back at work. So far the year is going well, I've set myself up a few challenges and I always do myself a monthly challenge to get to bigger goals. So at the moment that is keeping me motivated, but today is a bit different as I have seem to have woken up with a headache. Planning to do a few other things this morning but I decided with my headache just to start this bit of the post. 
We have decided to buy a smoothie maker and last night we got it and tried it out. And this smoothie actually tasted quite nice, it's just more of a way of trying to get some more fruit inside of us as we are not a very healthy family (we like our chocolate). The first one I made for Little Miss P and it was a mango and strawberry smoothie with a bit of coconut and almond milk in it, it's very nice and I would recommend it.

31st - For some reason I haven't really been up for writing on my blog, I don't know why. So we are still on the smoothies, I have one at least one a week. I  think it's doing some good to me. Well I can definitely say I am having more fruit and so is Little Miss P and Mr P. Not much else has happened in January other than getting back into the routine. Let's bring on February.

Mrs P

Here is Little Lady's 'What's in my Travel Bag' video

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