Monday, 25 June 2018


It's that time of year again when we have to look for teachers' gifts. I don't like doing the normal things for people but I like chocolate and flowers. I think they must go through lots of chocolate and flowers as you just see everyone bringing them in. I like something slightly different, not completely out there as I would hope the teachers like it, and it's actually kind of easy to buy for a woman teacher, but for a man teacher it's really hard. So I thought I'd give you some ideas for both women and men teachers, that are not just flowers or chocolate's.

 First, for a woman teacher...
Stationery, everyone loves a bit of stationery. A lovely pen, notepad or to do lists. You can buy them from pretty much anywhere depending on your budget. If you're after something cheap you go to the pound shop and pick up some lovely things or if you have a bit more money places like Clintons or W H Smith, they always have a lovely stationery section. 

Beauty products, you need to know the teacher for this one and that you think they have helped your kid out a lot. A nice bottle of perfume if you know what make they use, or a lovely smelling bubble bath and candles.
Now for the men...
To tell you the truth I actually don't know what's best to get men teachers as Little Miss P has never had one, but if she ever gets one this is what I will get them. The first one would be homemade brownies, or some sort of traybake. Or perhaps a really nice tie.

Alcohol as most men drink alcohol, so I think this one is a safe bet. But not wine, maybe a spirit. Or a few flavoured beers.

Yep that is pretty much all I've got for the men teachers, sorry. 

But most of all when you go and buy their presents just try think about how you would feel if you got it and if you would like it.

Mrs P