Thursday, 8 November 2018

Dear so and so

I use to do blog posts like this and I enjoyed them so I'm definitely bring these back this year. This is a little description on what Dear so and so is all about; it can pretty much be about anything but mainly about what's got you angry or upset, or something that you don't quite understand. Now let's get into it.

Dear Woman in Tesco
    My little Tesco down the road has one scan your self till and it has always had a separate line, which I always go to as it is card only. I went to it as I normally do and then someone else in the other line said I am waiting for that. So I did let them in front of me and I moved back into the other line. She was having a right moan about it still while she was waiting for the other lady in front of her to finish, and then I got to the till before she did and she was moaning even more. The fact is if she didn't moan so much I would have let her in front of me in the other line as I am nice like that, but as she was being a right cow, I wasn't going to. I think she got what she deserved that time.

Dear The Thorns in the Garden 
I am not a gardener. If it wasn't for the spiders and the wasps I would be ok with it, but there seems to be loads in my garden and while cutting a bush down (only making it smaller) the thorns got stuck in my arm, foot, hands and even down my top. I had about three spiders on me that I saw and can't remember the number of wasps I saw, but saying that I think I did a good job and will be back out there to do some more.

Dear Claire's Accessories
I went into this shop to find a few things for Little Miss P's party as it's a girly shop so I thought it would be ideal. But I walked in and two girls were having their ears pierced as it's free at the moment. But it took the two staff members to do it so no one was at the till. They saw me waiting and didn't even say anything like "be right with you" let alone for one of them to come over. So I left my things at the till and walked out.

Mrs P

For once I am being brave and putting one of my YouTube up

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Little Miss P

Well she's not so much Little Miss P now as she is 5ft tall and is now into double digits, she is now my 10 year old tween, who so far has turned out a well mannered if a bit shy young lady who tries to step out of her comfort zone. And that's what I love about her; she likes to try and make new friends and not to stick to the same ones, of course she still has her main group of friends that she can trust.

  This is the year I have definitely seen her grow up and I am not going to lie it's a little bit scary. I'm not at the point yet where she's into boys luckily but she's definitely at the stage of her changing temper. All I can do is be there to support her at the moment.

Other things I am realising at the moment is at school she's a little bit behind in English, but is doing fantastically in science and maths. I think she's getting a little upset sometimes with English, but every time I try and help her at home she tries not to do it. I have learnt one way to get her reading though and that is her reading to one of her teddy bears, well I sit in the kitchen trying to overhear it. 

I wish for Little Miss P To jump out of her comfort zone a bit more, and when she's enjoying things to actually look like she is enjoying them (she gets this from her dad), to have fun and be confident and don't take anything to heart if someone puts you down. You will always have your family around to support you, hold your hand and give you a big hug.

I think the next year will bring her out of her comfort zone, well I hope it does anyway.

I can't wait to see her grown up but I'm also a little upset that she's not my baby any more and I have to let go of the reins a little bit more.

Mrs P

Here is Little Miss P's new Channel Trailer