Monday, 4 February 2019

Bye 2018, Hello 2019

 Well for my little blog, 2018 hasn’t been the best, I managed a whopping 17 blog posts which is atrocious.  So for me in 2018 I just clearly fell out of love with my blog (not you lovely people who are reading it of course) but for 2019 I have given it a little makeover  so hopefully I will fall back into loving my blog as I have missed it.

      I thought I would take the time to say bye-bye to 2018 as you have been a good year (we went to Disney World again, hehe).  That said, Little Miss P broke her arm again but everything else has just been pretty smooth sailing.
Oh and quit my job.  So I’m going into 2019 without a job.

I can see 2019 being a bit more of an interesting year, maybe challenging. The truth be told I can’t really tell what’s going to happen in 2019 other than my sister is getting married and Little Miss P will start high school, which I am nervous about. But that is pretty much the only thing that I know will happen in 2019. Obviously I have some goals that I want to work towards and obviously there are some thing that I don’t want to happen.

So Hello to 2019: please be nice to me and I will be nice to you back :-)

Mrs P

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