Friday, 26 April 2019

Disney Bucket list 1-3

As my blog is going to be more about Disney I thought I will do a Disney Bucket list.  This is the sort of bucket list where I will definitely be adding more things and taking things off as the years go by,  so I might as well start now with my list as I think it’s going to be a long one.

As there are so many things on this list I will upload them in threes in detail. Here we go with the first three.

1)  Go to every single Disney.
Yes, this is probably every Disney-mad person's dream!
There are: 
  💙  Disneyland California
  💙  Disney World Orlando -  Completed x2 
  💙  Disneyland Paris - Completed x4
  💙  Tokyo Disneyland
  💙  Tokyo Disney Sea
  💙  Disney Cruise line
  💙  Disney Aulani 
  💙 Hong Kong Disney
  💙 Shanghai Disney

 Well now, after researching how many Disney holidays there actually are I didn’t realise there were so many. I better really start saving my pennies.

2)   Stay in Cinderella's Suite at Disney World.
 This one would be absolutely amazing as you can only be invited to stay in Cinderella's Castle. This
 suite looks amazing.  The decor is it exactly what you think it would be, very glittery floor with a magic key and her crown on display. I know that in my lifetime I would never be able to stay in that room but it would still be lovely to do and have it as a dream.

3)   Become a Disneyland Paris annual pass holder.
This is the closest Disney to us so it would be amazing just to be able to pop to Disney whenever we want, for the weekend. I just have to find the cheapest way to do it and to see how it compares to Disney World, as it's been a while since we've been there.

Friday, 19 April 2019

Disney Trip Accouncement

 Hi guys, so this is the first of the many Disney blogs that I will be writing and it’s a rather exciting one.  Yes it is that we are going to be going to Disneyland Paris.  It is a little bit of a last minute trip due to the fact that the husband and I went to Norway for eight days without Little Miss P.  So we thought for a treat for her we would go to Disneyland Paris.

It’s been definitely a few years since we last went to Disneyland Paris, I think the last time we went Summer was about three years old, she had the flu and it wasn’t the best trip.  She basically sat in the pram most of the time asleep and only got out to meet Belle and go on a few rides.
 This trip I am hoping to be very different.  Hopefully this time she will not have the flu and now that she is 10 and we know that she likes the Tower of Terror (as she went on it at Disney World) it means there will be lots more fun as we should be able to go on the big rides. 

 I know that Disneyland Paris is very different to Disney World but now I’ve been to both recently I will be doing a difference between them both Blog post once I’m back from the trip. 
 We also used Tesco Clubcard vouchers to pay for some of this trip and I think that will also be quite an interesting blog post.

We are doing this trip the cheapest way we know how so I will be giving a breakdown of how much it all costs at some point.

Can’t wait to see how this trip turns out as I haven’t really done any planning for it, haha.

Friday, 12 April 2019

Saving for our next Disney Trip

Yes, I know we have been to Disney World twice as a family so I know that I am lucky, but we do save money for our holidays, so I thought I would write down what I do to say for my trips.

1) eBay. I go through my clothes and Little Miss P's clothes to work out what we don't wear, use or fits us anymore and sell them as the year goes on. I have a separate account that the money is in (at the moment I have £8.49 in it). So that would get me halfway to the airport right now.

2) Don't buy any new things that I don't really need. I love candles and I always buy lots of shampoo and things like that but I don't need them as I have about 12 candles and lots of shampoo. I have lots of clothes (need new jeans though) and lots of notepads etc. so I really don't need anything else.

3) Put all my pennies in a pot, as they just go on my side and my daughter normally takes them or they fall on the floor and get eaten by the hoover. It won't get you a lot of money but it will be a start.

4) And the last thing to do is just to save money where you can. It's easier than you think most of the time and Disney are doing offers so keep an eye and work out what's the best offer for you. The best offer for us is to get a free dining plan and a $100 gift voucher.

Good luck with your saving.

Friday, 5 April 2019

My Poor Little Blog

 I feel so sorry for my little blog, even though I said a few months ago that I would get back into it, I just haven't.  I haven’t felt like I’ve been in the mood to do it.  So the other day I went for a walk just to think about where my little blog will be going as the domain name for it will need to be renewed.

 And I think the walk did its job.  I will be keeping the domain name for it but doing things slightly differently.  This blog seems to be a bit all over the place so I’ve decided to concentrate on two things.  And they are two things that I am really into:

1) Progress on my little business (and I do mean that my little business).  It’s not much at the moment but hopefully it will turn into something bigger.

2) Disney. Yes I’m a 32-year-old wowan that is slightly obsessed with Disney.  I also have a little Disney fan in my 10-year-old daughter.  I’ve already set up a YouTube channel to do with Disney called Parkers do Disney, which we enjoy doing together.  It’s not great videos skills but it’s fun doing it together.

There may be some slight life updates but for now it’s mainly about those two. I am hoping April will be the start of this blog coming back from the ashes.