Friday, 19 April 2019

Disney Trip Accouncement

 Hi guys, so this is the first of the many Disney blogs that I will be writing and it’s a rather exciting one.  Yes it is that we are going to be going to Disneyland Paris.  It is a little bit of a last minute trip due to the fact that the husband and I went to Norway for eight days without Little Miss P.  So we thought for a treat for her we would go to Disneyland Paris.

It’s been definitely a few years since we last went to Disneyland Paris, I think the last time we went Summer was about three years old, she had the flu and it wasn’t the best trip.  She basically sat in the pram most of the time asleep and only got out to meet Belle and go on a few rides.
 This trip I am hoping to be very different.  Hopefully this time she will not have the flu and now that she is 10 and we know that she likes the Tower of Terror (as she went on it at Disney World) it means there will be lots more fun as we should be able to go on the big rides. 

 I know that Disneyland Paris is very different to Disney World but now I’ve been to both recently I will be doing a difference between them both Blog post once I’m back from the trip. 
 We also used Tesco Clubcard vouchers to pay for some of this trip and I think that will also be quite an interesting blog post.

We are doing this trip the cheapest way we know how so I will be giving a breakdown of how much it all costs at some point.

Can’t wait to see how this trip turns out as I haven’t really done any planning for it, haha.

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