About the Parkers

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. This is my family - we all have a little
bit of a nutty side to us and love life to the fall, always taking little adventures around Britain and Europe. Would love to go to the rest of the world when we have the money.

Mrs P (Me) : I'm a 29 year old mum of one little 5 year old crazy girl, working as a full time mummy but as she's starting school next year i will be looking for a part time job. I love cakes, candles, films ,books mainly chick lit, biographies, anything girly really and spending a lot of time with my little family. I do sometimes love just sitting down and watching a bit of telly like Waterloo Road.

Mr P : Well Mr P is 34 he's got a full time job and works as a musician in the evening, and plays with a few bands. He loves his new gadgets and playing the Wii, and the best television for him is F1 or anything like Death In Paradise or Armstong and Miller.

Little Miss P: My Princess is seven. She loves dancing and swimming, going to nanny's house to do lots of things and helping nanny make cakes. She loves a puzzle (don't have a clue where she gets that from) and her best colour is yellow. Even tho she is a girly girl, on Sunday when it's a daddy day she loves playing with wooden railway, cars, and anything that could be part of her as being a tom boy.

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