About the Parkers

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog.  I have been blogging for a long time now on and off as a way of looking back at my life and all the thing that I have done thing that I have liked and thing that I didn't, As Little Miss P is now getting older. I can see this blog taking a different turn. Not by much thought just not so much about my daughter init. Yes she still will be as this is about my life as she will always be in that.                                                             I am updating this page so please come back and check this out. 

Little Miss P: My Princess is ten, and is most definitely turning into a teenage but a polite and a little shy one, is very much still into her dancing, and is giving acting ago with her show in Annie at the kenneth more theatre. She has informed us that she wants to go into science engineering when she is older, ( She wants to make robots ) And has already looked up what Uni she would like to go.  

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